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The SoSo Strong Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation will host our inaugural “Because Kids Should Live” Golf and Gala weekend this year. It is through this event that we wish to raise the funds necessary to be a glimpse of hope to families traumatized by pediatric cancer and be a part of finding a cure for brain tumors. 

For more information on this event visit us at

Sophia Ann Myers is the namesake of the SoSo Strong Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

Sophia died of DIPG, a type of cancerous pediatric brain tumor, in October 2017, after an almost eight-month battle with the disease.

Sophia’s favorite nickname was “SoSo.” Sophia was witty, funny, kind, and wise beyond her years. She was compassionate for all living things, gentle, friendly, and the perfect mix of tomboy and girly girl princess. Sophia loved Jesus. She had an infectious smile and lit up any room she entered. Throughout her battle with cancer, Sophia showed amazing strength and grace. She truly was “SoSo Strong.”


We hope to have you help us fight DIPG and other pediatric brain tumors by "Paying it Forward" and sharing a random act of kindness. #Because Kids Should Live.





“DIPG stole our beautiful daughter, Sophia, but she still has a future. Her future, her legacy, will be finding a cure for DIPG and all pediatric brain tumors.” 

- Angel Myers McIlrath

Mother of Sophia "SoSo"

Founder & President


 To find a cure for DIPG and other pediatric brain tumors, 

and to identify the cause of DIPG, while spreading awareness about 

these cancers and improving the lives of patients and their families.





Experts have opined that curing DIPG will unlock the door to curing many other cancers.



The cause of DIPG is unknown. There is no evidence that there is an environmental cause of DIPG. However, there are areas of the United States where there is an elevated number of cases of DIPG. We will support studies to examine the environmental health of regions where there are elevated incidence rates of DIPG, including engaging Federal, State, and local agencies for this purpose. Identifying the cause of DIPG goes hand-in-hand with the search for a cure. We believe that in gaining an understanding to treat and detect DIPG, researchers will have a better understanding of what causes this disease.





We believe that once people see the devastating effects, DIPG and other brain tumors have on children, they will be moved to action. We educate individuals, agencies, business, organizations and government officials about DIPG and other pediatric brain tumors. We also use social media and various other platforms to spread awareness about these diseases. We have recently launched our “Pay it Forward” campaign as part of this mission.


Our goal is to support patients by filling the gap of what other organizations and institutions offer. We support patients and families by providing comfort and quality of life items, emotional support, connecting them with organizations that can help meet their specific needs, and end of life expenses. If your loved one has been diagnosed with a pediatric brain tumor, please contact us via email for assistance.

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